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Snow Fencing


Most municipalities require snow fencing to be used for city road allowance trees and across the front yard to maintain sightlines.

plywood fencing


Backyard protection requires plywood fencing around all bylaw protected trees. Sturdy enough to withstand any project you’re doing.

Ravine erosion fencing


In Ravine and Natural Feature Protection and similar areas, sift erosion fencing has to located on higher grades to avoid soil erosion.

our expertise

1. We work with your plans

If you have the site plan (recommended) we will get you a quote same day. No need to stake or spray directions, we know exactly what you need.

2. inspected by a certified arborist

All of our fences are inspected by an ISA-certified arborist and are documented in exactly the way the municipality prefers with their official signature and stamp.

3. get your permits to build faster

We can have your project tree protection fencing built in under a week, inspected and with a submission package ready for your build.

some of the municipalities we work with

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